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1st - 2nd September 2018


Ardkore is a 2 day tabletop wargaming fest. In our inaugural year we will be hosting a 2 day Warhammer 40k Tournament called the ARDKORE ITC OPEN. Apart from the main event we are working hard to bring other game systems to the event either as a showcase or as it own event. We hope you will join us on the first and second of September as we make wargaming history in Malaysia. 

We have a series of events prepared for all war-gamers. From Build-and-Paint challenges to a 2 day Warhammer 40k ITC event that will host up to 80 players from around the region fight it out for the right to be called 'Grand Champion' for ARDKORE 2018.

Apart from the main event we'll be organising an open category painting competition whereby painters can enter their miniatures and compete for amazing prizes. Join us as we make wargaming history and launch a new annual regional event, that focuses on mainstreaming the hobby to everyone!

Events confirmed for ARDKORE OPEN

1750pts ITC 2 day

Tournament Main Ticket

A 2 day entry ticket for players who want to compete in the biggest table top wargaming event in the region.  The entry ticket includes 2 buffet meals, 1 exclusive free gift, 1 lottery ticket, and 1 open painting competition entry pass.

Ardpainter, Miniature entry pass

Purchase additional entry passes for the Open painting competition. 

GUNDAM Build AND Paint Competition

Challenge yourself to a build and paint competition as you race against the clock to complete your masterpiece and win yourself amazing prizes and a trophy to reward your hard work

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