Fur Republik

I co-own Fur Republik. It is not a pet store, but a cat lifestyle shop, selling everything from fashion for people and cats, to home decor, cat essentials, and smart products for cats. It launched in May 2021 and has been growing relatively strong. Our sales has doubled from initial 27k in our first month to 52k in our second month and looks like it is still growing strong. 

We are still strengthening our positioning and our fitting in the market but this has been a fun experience is complete freedom in design and execution. 

My role is actually Head of Marketing but I love getting my hands dirty :D


Dealing with not only ad buys, but also the designer for those ads, the sku designer for the web, web designer (i built that site), videographer for the videos, editor/motion artist for the said videos... and even the analytics guy setting up the company fb pixel and google analytics suite.

Website - www.furrepublik.com

Role - Everything :)