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Our yearly ARDKORE Open is coming. In this threads you can get news and updates regarding the event.
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  • Roll up! Roll Up, ladies and gentleman for the chance you get your hands on the lovely 2019 Ardkore Limited Edition dice. These shiny beauties are original chessex merc, imported direct from the US of A for the 2019 Ardkore Open. Tell me more about the dice? They are 16mm with pips for 1 to 5 and Ardkore 2019 custom logo on the 6. The logo is engraved so they will not rub off or fade. How can I get my hands on them? The dice are priced at RM5 each so it's RM50 for 10, or RM60 for 12. You can contact me on Whatsapp on +60126316669 or email me at You make payment for the dice to: Shahrul Azmi bin Mohamad Maybank Bank Account No 164182445482 Where/When can I collect the dice? You can collect the dice at Ardkore Open How limited really are the dice? Every year Ardkore Open produces a unique dice design to commemorate the event. This year we have ordered around 600 pieces. As of today (19th of May), approximately 300 pieces have been sold already. Unfortunately we are unable to order a higher quantity due to logistical reasons. There are sold on a first come, first served basis so guarantee your dice by making your payment today! You still here? What are you waiting for?
  • Hey guys welcome to the Forum. I need suggestions on what sub threads should we have.
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