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2 months and counting

I am moving on from advertising! I have decided after being in Isobar for 5 years (this month actually) I am now leaving it all behind to move into a very scary yet very interesting challenge - going late into the startup world. Cant mention the name just yet as it needs to be kept mummed for now. Really thankful for the opportunity from the founders for believing in me, the job role will be actually a cumulation of every job scope I have done from post production, motion graphics, production, social media management and as well digital campaigns. I think you can guess what the role will be like... the office is in a bungalow in Damansara Heights, about 2 mins from Rayyan school... it reminds me of MFX with its lunch buffet, comfy environment which means sleepless weekends and a pool which I doubt the 30+ staff ever use. Right now I am in transition reading up a lot about stuff I never thought I needed to learn and also trying to get my confidence up again. This new job isn't just a job to me its a chance to rebuild, regrow and find that confidence in myself... I did it because I needed too... I won't lie anyone who knows me well knows I have been in prolonged depression and it has made me second guess myself, to the point I started thinking I am not meant for this... I really think its my mid career crisis... Then a good friend reminded me to look back and see the work I've done and know I am damn good at what I do... How many people has made over 150++ TVC ads in their life? give me a show of hands? or land and lock down a branding for an app in the 3rd week at their new job? or used to enter digital interactive installations in exhibitions from Malaysia to Australia? or hell have you been entrusted to go down to Indonesia to be a VFX supervisor on a major car shoot? or career swap with a learning curve close to vertical. But all that somehow went off tangent and I kept falling thru a black hole that was sucking at my very soul, that has made a mess out of many things which was not fair to my colleagues my boss and to myself. While I wont bother to go into details. What is important is I am leaving, its for me. And it's not for the money, safety/security, but it's for myself. Wife reminded me I am going back into that similar life i had in post-production with no weekends and if I am ok with it... and I told her I need to. On the other side of my news a timely trip to Langkawi for LIMA was a great escape from my worries and scratching one major one off the bucket list on things to do with my son before I die, as well as working on prepping for ARDKORE which is now looking more and more like a regional event... with interest from the very companies that owns these IP we play. Some photos and videos below!

My sister took this video, and a bunch more... I was way too busy being awestruck with my son to really take any videos.

My son is my life.

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