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2 Weeks to Malignment Tourney

2 more weeks! I am taking a break as a TO organizer. To play in a friends event in 2 Weeks... I love tournaments as it pushes you to paint your armies. And at the moment that is going rather slowly but getting there. I have hit a few snags on the way mainly cause of the stupid basecoat spray I used which turn my 20 ringgit per miniature into dusty pasty white mess... and I had to strip and clean them back down and paint them in thin layers to offset the mishap. I will be playing the most hated and feared and salted army the infamous "Daughters of Khaine" whom has won me 2 tournaments, and win record of 51 wins 3 losses and 2 draws. Check the pictures below as I slowly paint them up ready for the tournament. I am not a great painter but I love tabletop wargaming! And this army will be ready in time!

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