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AOS: Throne OF Skulls Tickets Now Available

Greetings champions you can now purchase your tickets for ARDKORE Open - Throne Of Skulls via our website link here:

This event is our feature AOS semi casual/competitive event which we first held 3 years ago. In this new event players compete over 3 rounds to be the champion of Khorne. But unlike other events. This one has a Khorne twist... Imagine gaining a real skull everytime you kill off an enemy general which you can then collect and offer it to khorne in return for some awesome prizes that awaits the players at the end of the event.

Our Loot bag which players can access via the "guy with the most skulls" picks first concept will hold various prizes from:

- Warhammer pins

- Special khorne theme swag

- Various boxes of miniatures

- GW miniature cases

- GW bags

- Paints (lots of blood for the blood god)

- Event tickets and more.

With 20 items to ensure every player gets a prize!

If you wish to purchase a ticket you can do so from this link again:

Check out our previous Throne of Skulls event photo gallery here:

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