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Ardkore 19 Launch Video

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

210 days to go...

Crazy how I am not getting paid for this, purely out of nerd passion. And my own satisfaction. The truth is Ardkore was something I did cause people thought I can't do it... I cant run a major event, I can't manage the egos, I can't get the players to come, I can't get all those fancy swag done, I can't get a venue big enough and to some apparently I can't design... I did it cause they say I can't... and I hate that word... so in the wise words of some dude Fuck'em. Everything in Ardkore from the medals, mugs, posters, buntings, T-shirt, videos, the FB site, the website, and hell even the budgeting, and organizing shipment of items that came from as far as Croatia was by me. Not bragging but hey fyre fucked up and it was with a team of a couple of dozen people and about 1000 times more money :P The event was a mix success something that will always happen but we learn and make it better the next round. This year I am going to be making my own designed Ardkore 6x4 mats which will need me to do some serious DI work, as well as updating the website and turn on online purchase of the tickets and other items (Ardkore current account is ready to be use) , and as well as constructing and printing out laser cut terrain pieces with the events branding on it we wanted to do it last year but we hit a bit of a snag with time. If you are around do join Ardkore 19 or come visit us at KDU Glenmarie Shah Alam on the 14-15 September 2019.

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