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Going Shirtless and the 40K Open Paid List (as of 28/7)

We are 85 days left to ARDKORE! below is the confirmed list of players whom have paid up for their seats at ARDKORE if you see your name missing do contact us so we can beat up our tek grot. The team has been busy getting the event organized namely in the terrain as well as the medals, t-shirts and our swag! (more pics of that soon)

Also would like to encourage any player that is coming to confirm and pay up soon so we can bank roll those tickets to purchase and pay for various items for the event. Pax will do a thank-you live stream shirtless dance if we can get to 40 by the first week of august!

ARDKORE 40K open paid list:

  1. Wilson

  2. Kadir

  3. Nic Wong

  4. Joe Soon

  5. Julian Faizal

  6. Ow Zi Yang

  7. Allen Chong Linggian

  8. Syafiq Saharudin

  9. Scott Lee

  10. Alan Cher

  11. Victor Koh

  12. Kian Tan

  13. Choo Wai Wing

  14. Paul Lim

  15. Mohamed Shazmiq

  16. Yong Qiang Ong

  17. Luqman Hakim Seah

  18. Omar El-Nabil Boudjit

  19. Gene Lim

  20. Tze Yang Lee

  21. Benjamin Chia

  22. Zafri Jeffri

  23. Jeremy Ling

  24. Yi Ze Cheah

  25. Ipin

  26. Wesley chan

  27. Chris Koh

  28. Quake

  29. Azmi

  30. Sheng

We hope you will be joining us for ARDKORE 40K Open on October 22-23. If you are still deciding on joining us maybe this video below will change your mind.

Link to where you can purchase your tickets is here below:

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