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ARDKORE GT is now a World Championship Qualifier

Updated: Feb 11

Before we get into the main part, I would like to thank the team and all the people who made this possible... from our first ARDKORE event in 2018 in the hot corridors of KDU to our latest event in Nexus whereby we had 5 different game systems in multiple halls we truly have kept breaking down those doors, when people said it was impossible. And thru all this time ARDKORE has remained an independent gamers first collective.

Photo throwback to 2018 our first ARDKORE Open

With that said... lets get down to business...

Thats right. ARDKORE is sending our winner to Atlanta Georgia on the 16th - 19th November 2023 for the World Championship finals. We are proud to host a qualifier on behalf of Games Workshop! This is truly a monumental moment for wargaming in Malaysia.

For now the confirmed dates will be the 17-18 of June at Nexus International school. It will be a 2 day, GT level event

The winner will be given an ACTUAL GOLDEN TICKET which is an invite to the World Championship finals. In addition to the golden ticket, pending our entry levels for this first GW sanction GT we will also be providing a flight ticket to the winner of the GT provided we can meet the number of minimum participants for this GT.

It is quite literally a GW golden ticket.

Currently based on our budget we will need 40 players minimum to join the event in July for us to send the winner to Atlanta with a fully paid flight. While we attempt to try to get sponsors and support it will take time. So this is also a shout out to the stores and others if you want to help us sponsor our champion to go to USA to compete with the best of the world do give me a shout out. In a situation we cant get the numbers we need, we will still give out the Golden ticket as well as prizes, and trophies for the winners. And fun awards for all the whacky categories we always have like the wooden spoon...

This event is also open to everyone regardless where you are from. We have done so as this is a celebration of ARDKORE moving up in recognition on the global table top scene and we did this together regardless if you were from Malaysia, the states, Australia, Thailand, Singapore, or anywhere else. We made ARDKORE together from day one and it should be treated as a regional event first. Below is some key dates for everyone so they know what is going on: Sunday 12 Feb - Website will launch the presales tickets for the event. Saturday 18 Feb - Rule Pack will be released. (we will only play GW GT rules and terrain rules.

Sunday 2 April - Presale ends tickets will be sold at full price.

June 8 - Army List submission

June 17-18 - ARDKORE GT Format will be Games Workshop GT rules (if you have been playing in most of the local FLGS you would know this format by now) 2000pts Ark of Omen 9th ed 40k ruleset

For now this is all the info I can share to you. If they are any changes we will update you via this website. Rest assured this wont be our first time hosting a qualifier with Games Workshop. Do save that date and come down to play. Reg Pax

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