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ARDKORE: Throne of Blood

Throne of blood is partially a tournament as well as a narrative event. Players will compete for Khornes favor as a way to bargain a chance to return to the moral realm as his champion. On this day 30 players will compete over 4 games to become the the lord of war greatest champion. Apart from the great prizes that await you. Your general will gain a new trait which is applicable to all ARDKORE: AOS narrative events we host.

Blood for the Blood Throne! 1 CP - Your General (must not be a special named character) gains this command ability - in the hero phase select one unit within 8" of your general that unit re roll wounds and ignores battle shock till your next hero phase.

You can start purchasing your tickets on the 1st of May which will also be when the rule pack will be released. Tickets will cost RM 65 for entry. Which includes lunch and entry into the lucky draw.

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