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Updated: Jul 16, 2022

Pax Here, Before we continue....

We are pleased to shout out that ARDKORE is getting love from Games Workshop, yes the same brand where at least 1/4 of our salaries go to every month! We are super excited to have them supporting ARDKORE events. So what are they sponsoring? it will be the terrain and lots of it. Our goal is to have all our tables looking great and thematic and this support will go a long way to level up the tabletop wargaming scene in this region.

Since then things have only been growing getting donations from friends, family, and stores but we always needed more, and today I can proudly say Games Workshop is coming in to support us via terrain support!

We have already started on the builds from the donated terrain sets over the past months do take a look below on some pictures from the terrain build team. This is just a small sample of what we have, some pics that are not seen here is a whole table of khorne themed terrain, a leman russ tank factory and more. As a collective we now own close to 100 tables of terrain and mats a mix of sponsored, donated, and personal terrain.

I hope you are as excited as we are! ARDKORE this year will be featuring 6 tabletop wargaming games, this terrain sponsored by games workshop will be featured on Age of Sigmar, 40K OPEN and the Horus Heresy narrative event. In total this terrains will be featured on 80 tables!

Also if you have not already... ARDKORE - 40K OPEN tickets are still available at the link below. Do join us on the 22-23rd of October as we kick off one epic festival of wargaming. Link here -

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