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So I am writing this cause as usual us nerds have this tendency to get to excited. Ardkore is happening this year for sure. People need to calm down and realize that:

A. I am working full time in an agency, I have my own startup happening soon and a full time parent to two kids and husband to a lovely wife.

B. There is things moving just that, we don't talk about it publicly outside a few trusted people and those working hard to make it happen.

Today I will be listing down the B.

1. First and foremost Heats. - HEATS have started, this events are not actually under Ardkore, our idea with HEATS was to add value to existing store tournaments by giving their top two byes into Ardkore. It was always designed as a way to build interest about large scale wargaming, building hype for the event, and most important of all to get players to play ITC missions and rules prior to Ardkore Open. So less headaches for the judges on the day. Currently there is 8 heats happening, one has happen in JB, the next one will be in Singapore next month followed by wira cup in April and then in Penang, Sabah, probably Philippines, and 2 more which we kept as open for now depending on anyone wishing to pick it up for their stores. I can't share the dates as for one the event is NOT an Ardkore event its an affiliated event (as in we support the stores and the community but we don't run them so ppl should be chasing the store not me lol). 2. Date, I know people are asking everyday about dates. So let me explain what is going on. Firstly we want to keep your tickets similar to the previous price or close to it. Meaning we need a fully AIRCOND venue that is large enough to fit 30-40 6x4ft tables and about 100 people at minimum for just 40k before considering other game systems. That is a lot of guanxi kungfu stuff happening in the background. Especially if we want it cheap or free! Experience has teach us we need to make sure we get a black and white so we don't end up in the same problem like last year. Currently we are 95% there, the date I can 95% confirm is on the 14th - 15th September 2019. But till it is made official this date can move. And because Ardkore is now a regional event we need that date lock down that it cannot possibly move as people will be flying into the country.

3. Ticket sales - We can't come out with the price till the new team discuss the full cost of the event which also depends on point no.2

sample only dont go printing it pls

4. Rules - We will be following the latest ITC rule set. And have change provisions on paint scores so the gap isn't too big. Also we have balance the prize pool so the gap would not be too big. 5. Points - it will be 2000pts with Forgeworld Allowed. 6. Judges & volunteers - We will be opening slots for judges and volunteers next month, accepted judges will join the coven and will be given tasks from next month. if you want to be a judge or volunteer your time can email us at I can't pay you because even I don't take a cut from any money we get. Apart from this I can also confirm we are working on building our own mats, to supplement the 25 mats we have now. We will also sell those mats to offset cost so we don't go into an over run. In the pipeline also includes a proper trophy, new Ardkore19 medals, Tshirts, and dice. In terms of this years goals our main goal for this year is to get our own terrain sets, like how last year our goal was the mats, this year will be to fill those tables with terrain.

Anyway I hope this clears some air around Ardkore. And if you want to ask anything do ask me directly, don't wait for me to ask you, cause we are all busy... and brooding in the dark helps no one but the genestealer cults.

"Don't be this guy"

Also like to point out Ardkore isn't a company nor we make any profit from it... its for the gamers by the gamers with your hard earn money spent to Ardkore always gives you the best prizes, swag and event quality possible. And I will forever be in deep appreciation to some people in the community that pooled a lot of their own money and time to make these event happen. Pictures from Ardkore 18

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