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Northern Lights In Malaysia

I had an opportunity to do some old skool post production work namely doing some tests for a friend. It is not a real job and I was not getting paid, just my curiosity and too much free time got me working on it over two weekends.

The test involve creating an Aurora like test purely thru code so we can run it for as long as we wanted it to be. I really like the final outcome, unfortunately I can't share the final video P.C - test but here is some snips of it.

Check out all that custom AE scripting, I got a lot of help to get these scripts to work

The final outcome from AE was this aurora. It can scale from HD to 4k n however long we needed it to be.

It moved like an real aurora and was morphing and changing randomly

This is with the footage over the coded aurora test

Anyway I hope for the best for my friend hopefully this will be seen by the masses one day. I had my fun and it was actually a lot of fun doing something out of the box yet familiar to me. As I try to move outside of being an artist to a more marketing and management career these little opportunities are great to spread those wings once in a while.

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