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Mats, Dice, and Tshirts!

Ardkore is well known for our swag that we make ourselves and sell to everyone. Like always the goal of each sale is to cover the cost of our other projects. And are all items are sold on a limited basis for each year. This year, we will be making T-shirts, Dice, Mats, Wristbands (also counts as your ticket), objective counters as the door gift, as well as our terrain projects. Today we are ready to share some info for two of these items. Namely the mat and the dice. The mats will come in two awesome designs, shown below. The designs are carefully made to ensure it does not overpower the table yet at the same time be completely different to what is available in the market. We are only producing 30 of these. 15 in each design, and out of that 30 made, 10 is reserved for ARDKORE to ensure we have enough mats to keep growing the event and the balance 20 is sold to cover the cost of the 10 mats. At the moment we have 25 wargaming mats. By year end we intend to push that amount to 35 with the inclusion of our own design mats. So what is the cost you say? The Cost will be RM250 per mat. We priced it in a way to ensure we cover the base cost of the mat as well as to cover the cost of the 10 mats we intend to keep. Battle mat 01 - Realm of life 6x4 ft

Our First mat is called "realm of life" the mat is design to suggest nature regrowing and reclaiming a broken world. With green glowing lines representing the scars on the earth closing and healing.

Closeups below. Click on the image to view a close up.

Battle mat 02 - Molten Planet 6x4 ft Our Second mat is called "molten planet" We design it to resemble a realm where the very ground is treacherous and each step can be your last. We felt it would be great as both a Sci-Fi setting as well as mimicking a fantasy realm scape of fire and destruction.

Closeups below. Click on the image to view a close up.

For both Mats we are now taking bookings. You can contact us via email at: Whatsapp me at:

012-251-6334 Or via our chat function in our facebook group at:

Ardkore 2019 - Limited Edition Dice Our third item is something that was extremely popular from last year's event. We have Ardkore 2019 dice available for players to purchase as momentos. And as before we only will release a limited run of these dice. So don't lose out again.

Each set comes with 12 dice at the cost RM60 our ever hardworking grots are already taking orders for these details on how you can get in contact with the grot is as below -

RM50 for 10/RM60 for 12

Please make payments to:


Account no 164182445482

Shahrul Azmi bin Mohamad

Contact Az on whatsapp on +6012 6316669 or email Az at

As quantity is limited, this will be first come first serve. And lastly our T-shirts! As per our trend of having to many artist in our ranks of grots and the ever competing idea on who will be be posterboy for Ardkore Open this year, our talented Xune Daryl (check out his commission painting work here has offered to draw up not 1 but 3 artworks for this year. Yes meaning you can decide which T-shirt design you want to have.

You can only get these from the premium tickets which will include the T-shirt design of your choice. As we are finalizing the tickets and rule checks here is two of those designs below.

Anyway this is all we have to present today. We hope it is to your expectations, take care and have a great long weekend! Do comment below if you have anything to ask. reg Pax

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