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Future: Ardkore Pasar

Now that the website is now live and working our next step is to keep the website self sustained. At the moment the website is being maintained using the initial funds the team collected at the start of Ardkore last year. Our plan now is to create a community web store where any Ardkore user can put up an item to sell like your whole army collection, painted models, even some of our local makers can put up their stuff on the site. The only condition is that it must be related to the hobby, it can be wargaming or board games. We will also sell items Ardkore makes from time to time but these will be limited runs usually based on the groups needs for example the coming game mats are an one off which we plan to make 2/3 will be sold to cover the 1/3 we want to keep for group usage. we will share more details as we get closer to releasing the webstore.

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