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Goodbye Mr.Rover

nasa rover opportunity 2003 - 2019

Good bye Mr. Rover, The little rover that lasted 15 years! when it was built to last 1/4 of that time. Its pretty crazy to think that these rovers were doing things that only less than 5 years ago became mainstream which was drones. Much respect to the engineers whom built these machines that not only had to last the trip and function on the ground but also to last the whole mission. The precision and simplicity of the machine, made sure it is able to function with no humans around to fix any problems they face on Mars. Something we should take note in our work... keep it simple and for the user rather than for your egos. I love to see those articles from IFL and NASA when they upload a new batch of photos from Mars. I accepted that I will never get to see it for real. So these photos are the closest thing to setting foot on Mars. And it has given us a lot of understanding about Mars without these drones and others we would not know Mars had oceans and streams, and has snow and frozen water especially in the south pole of Mars. I got some fav shots which i would like to share. Also check out the video link to the mars sunset. I BET U didnt think a sunset on mars will be in blue not red :D

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