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++ IMPORTANT ++ Calling All 40k OPEN Players.

Hey everyone pax here.

We are now 32 days from event day. And it is time to move things to the fast gear for all preparations for ARDKORE 40k Open. In this article we will cover a number of things you as players must check to ensure your on the list and minimise any issues on game day.



STEP 01 - Check if your on the list

First and foremost check if your name is listed below. If yes move to the next step.

If no, please email me with your proof of purchase to this email:

Also note a Bye does not come with a ticket. It only allows you the option to skip your first game at ardkore open with a win and points listed in the event rule pack.

If you have not bought your ticket you have less than 3 weeks left ! you can purchase it from the link below:


STEP 02 - Check if you got your ticket

Secondly ensure you have received your email from us with your ticket in it. This year we will be scanning the QR that is printed on your ticket which will confirm your registration on the event day. Meaning you must print your ticket to allow us to scan it on the day. With 7 different wargaming events happening on that weekend... It will get quite chaotic and we need to keep things smooth sailing as possible.

Above is a sample of a ticket issued by us.

Anyone gets this reference above? if you do comment below

Please ensure you print the ticket and have it ready on the day for registration. If by some gretchin reason you did not receive your printed ticket pls email us ASAP to this email:


STEP 03 - Check if you have bought your Tshirt for the event. The ardkore T-shirts are not free, those who have purchase it either with their ticket please check your emails for an email from us on how to book your t-shirt with the size you requested.

If you have purchase it from our webstore everything should be in order. All event T-shirts will be ready for your collection on event day. To avoid the previous issue of people taking other people T-Shirts all T-Shirts are now tag to the users ticket. (which is also why u must print and bring the ticket with you on event day. If you have not purchase a T-Shirt and wish to purchase one you can do so from the link below:

Click this link below to buy now:


STEP 04 - List Submission.

List submission date is on the 15/10/2022 submit your list to this email before the due date: export the .rosz file from Battlescribe and attach it to your email.

Late submissions after the 15th will incur a points deduction (10 Points) that will be deducted from your first game.

As per ARDKORE Open tradition all lists will be open for public viewing from the 20th of October. And that is it for player prep before the event. If you have any inquiries do contact me at the email provided, or you can whatsapp me to: 012-251-6334 (after office hrs pls)

Also don't forget to paint your armies!
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