Know your Ardkore buddies EP01

Hey guys,

We always get this question who the hell is behind ARDKORE and what do they do... where do they get the money for it? (fyi most of it is foc) I remember at the start of our little project people were whispering... are we are part of some store, or its a GW evil plot. Well thankfully we are not.

We are a committed and quite insane group of wargamers whom want to do great shit together. And today to start off this episode say. Hi! to Zackary Ong from Singapore. He has been very supportive to our event from almost day one. And this year he will be part of the judging team. If you guys n gals have played 40k or AOS in Singapore you will know him as he is the face of many events been organized there.

With his cherub he will smite ye rule breakers

We also would be welcoming back judge Arif whom were with us from last year he wont be judging this year at Ardkore but will serve as one of the main list checkers (please guys do your lists properly) He is also a kick ass Tzeentch player and currently the guy to beat for AOS. Arif was one of our first judges when no one wanted the job. Like the saying goes this is the most important job but the least wanted one. Having Arif back this year is a blessing even if he can't be there on game day.

Really guys, check your lists and make sure it complies to Ardkore rules AND DONT BE LATE

As we move closer to Ardkore around 160 days to go now, things will be happening in a quicker pace. And we will be introducing all the people behind Ardkore. As well as updates on event news, rulepacks, and more



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