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Know your Ardkore buddies EP02

Hey everyone, Happy Friday.

Today we will continue our episode to know who is behind ARDKORE, and we will be sharing two of our requisition officers. We have a team that works on supplying ARDKORE with the best loot out there, from our fancy T-shirts, to dice, and even the medals you wear. And this is just what we have done last year...

This year we will have a number of new items which will either be given as prizes or sold to players. But before we go there check out our first Req officer. Danger Dom.

Dom is one of our grot brothers from last year whom help us with a number of random needs the group need. Last year he help us with scouting for venue locations this year. Dom will be helping us on the requisitions we will be producing in the coming months. Assisting dom is our ever so excited jambu betheren Aliff

The can do man of Ardkore, he is also known as Helga... in our first attempt but failed HEAT last year. And works behind the scenes as our secretary to official ARDKORE meetings and AGMs. This year at ARDKORE we will be selling a limited run of gaming mats! yes you heard it right... We are making some mats which we intend to keep for our events as well as to raise some money for the group. There is only 30 being made with 10 kept for the group events (currently we have 25 mats in our collection. Pushing to 35 will give us an opportunity to slow grow our large scale event to the eventual plan 50 tables or 100 players for future Ardkore Opens. Apart from the mats, there will be new designed T-shirts, Dice, arm bands, and many more. This are the two sample mats. Which are rough WIP but gives an idea on what we are making. Do check them out below.

Our Steampunk WIP mat. Which eventually will include pipes, steam, and more

A very very rough WIP of a half and half map which either will be a full chaos realm map or a realm melding map

I hope you guys like our update this week till next week. Laters

Reg Pax

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