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My first post... I figured I would post why I am doing this... As of late I have had issues of belonging, don't get me wrong I love my office but I do feel that I am slowly being push out of the "fun" circle. And it has somewhat eating me inside, as someone who loves to socialize and an extrovert it's quite painful. Slowly it has ate into my life making me second guess myself about my work, talent and as a person. Which is where this picture below comes into mind. There must be something magical about driving in the open road in Australia, cause this website and the reason for it came to me during my drive up to Jindabyne from Canberra for some snow action during a recent holiday.

The vastness and emptiness gives you time to think.

That emptiness and the fact my 2 kids were asleep and the wife too triggered me to reflect to see where I am in my career and if I have achieved anything from working in various jobs and projects... and am I relevant? That questions is why this website was made. It's about me. My work, my family, my side project ARDKORE and my geeky hobby. Out in the open and for me and others to see. So that is post 1... A short story why this site is here, is it for my new potential job offers? yes, is it to rant to the web and no one but yourself reading it yes... But mostly cause I want something to be on the web that says Faizal isn't a nobody and I have done great things :P

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