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Painting to brush my frustrations away

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

Its no secret I love to paint cause it mask my worries away. When I paint I am fully into it, listening to my epic music play list fav is the interstellar soundtrack and just paint non stop. Its not that I am a great painter but I think it lets me not think and just focus on something else apart from work, where is my career going?, my finances, family issues and others.

This weekend I engross myself in it and just went on and on... first this sea elf model on some kind of sinister sea horse then on 2 frost Phoenix. Both are for fun and not part of any of the armies I play with. The biggest thing bugging me this few weeks is after a discussion with some friends at work. They mentioned where do you see yourself in 5 years and i am stump... i realize now more than ever that I am caught in an office rat race... high enough to feel comfortable but low enough that I cant move up... and I hate that I feel stuck... I realize now the only way out of this is to leave but if I do I need to go somewhere I can see a path that works for me...

Anyway rant aside check out the pics of what I painted!

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