SiF 2nd event at Animangaki, AND SiF 30++ player GT

Hey peeps Pax here,

As SiF grows I am committed to keeping it fed with events. About a week ago I ask our community whatsapp group if they want to have a 2nd SiF event just 2 weeks after the first one. And the feed back is a resounding yes. So here we are... officially announcing we are riding with the Wira Boys to host the SiF event on the 2nd day of Animangaki in Quill City mall. I am keeping this event smaller to the first one so max we will push is 14 players. You can P.M me or make your reservations for it either here or on the SiF whatsapp group found here: Event details: Location: animangaki, Quill City Mall Date: 22nd March (Sunday) Number of Players: 14 Ticket Info: Ticket price RM35 Bank Details - RHB - ARDKORE OPEN - 21427700084879 Also... We are working on an early plan to run a song of Ice and Fire minimum 30 player tournament (max can be up to 70 with the number of tables and mats stored with the group) event during Ardkore Open which is traditionally held in September.

As we lock down the venue there is a high chance we will be doing the SiF event On the same weekend. With it taking day 2 of the event. With 40k ITC event taking on day 1. This is still early days for that event. But thought we should let you all know about it. And if you know anyone abroad who wants to be in the loop do click on that whatapp group and we will get you all on board the express train to Westeros. reg Faizal.

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