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The last 40K ARDKORE Open?

Hey pax here, Wanted to address something that has been going around. About the state and where ARDKORE is heading towards. The rumour is: that this ARDKORE is the last 40K Open we will host...

Well that only half true... I have decided that we will alternate the 40K ARDKORE Open to be held once every two years. With the gap year will be filled with another 40K event. This could be a narrative event, a team event or even a 2 day campaign event. The idea here is to return to our roots in ARDKORE. Our events especially in the early days was always narrative, less competitive must win events but more on the epicness and joy of wargaming. Playing not for the meta but for yourselves. And lowering the guard and bar to allow people to experience large scale wargaming events.

Bringing back fun themed lists that did not matter if you win or lose but just having fun... Above a themed dark angels team.

With that I made a decision that was discussed in the group and close friends and partners that support this collective to move towards that. While this maybe not popular with some people. I am sure there will be others to fill the gap for competitive play. Next year we will be doing a 3v3 themed event we have hosted a similar one many years ago and wish to do that again. And that comes to what next year will bring...

Introducing battle for Zdvesa Prime.

The Battle for Zdvesa Prime will be a 2 day interactive campaign where players will form teams of 3 to battle for supremacy in this resource rich planet. Capturing key territories to ensure their faction wins over the planet.

Players also will have side objectives unique to their race that can be completed in specific battles that can gain them prizes at the end. Will you fight for your team or your army faction?

And yes at the end of it a mighty feast for everyone cause food is always good.

But what about the stores and their support for us?

Not to worry as we will be creating feeder campaigns that leads up to the big event at the next ARDKORE 2023.

This is also not the last of our events between October and next year Ardkore 2023.

We will be running:

  • Song Of Ice And Fire Tournament (winner gets the iron throne for 1 year)

  • ARDKORE Presents: Battle for Lion's Gate Spaceport for 30k.

  • ARDKORE Presents: Zdvesa Prime 3v3 narrative campaign for 40k.

  • ARDKORE Presents: Throne of Skulls 3 an AOS Tournament.

  • ARDKORE Presents: Season of Slaughter League (AOS)

Anyway thats is all for today. If you are ever in doubt about us remember: First of Many.

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