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I have a logo which is more of a set bunch of principals which are equally important and equally leaning on another, It's me on a logo.

What is it? Well The W stands for Work... I live to work, without work I will lose my house, my hobby and family. It also the driving factor for my daily routine the rat race to some but a rat race for a cause. I do work cause I want to work. I actually love it, from my post production days where spending weekends and nights or both weeks on breaking all forms of worker rights for the job was fine to me. I live on challenges and live to find my way thru, If there is one thing I am good at it isnt design, but a can do, fuck it and do it attitude. The H stands for Hobby... It keeps me sane, i love plugging off for hours end sitting in my den and painting while listening to endless tracks from the killers, who, queen, and of course the mood setter Hans Zimmer. I love my hobby so much I created an event that is now a regional event. Yes believe it or not I have created a regional wargaming event that is growing by the year. This 2019 we will be hosting over 100 players from 6 countries to wargame in Malaysia again... Do check out my ARDKORE project! The F stands for Family... my base, my ground, and my source of Inspiration, I love my two children. And I need them as I need air, they were the reason I swap from post production to advertising I needed more time with them. My wife is my anchor, and the only one whom knows my pains, and sorrows and the one whom is always the first to know my joys and triumphs. Without her I really do think I would be directionless, and to be very honest, without my wife supporting us I do not think we would have made it as a family.

The Triangle... Triangles are the strongest shape because any added force is evenly spread through all three sides. Each a wall to keep me stable and safe. The Black and the White space... Luck... We all need that...

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