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Welcome to ARDKORE 2.0

Welcome everyone to our new home.

Faizal here,

I would like to welcome everyone to the new ARDKORE 2.0 page which will not only host the events ARDKORE runs but as well as the main center for all kinds of wargaming events and news around our region. Our goal is to bridge the communities together by making it easier for wargamers of all game systems to meet and play together. The new website hosts an initial number of new features which are all open to the community to make use off and take part. The new features are:

  1. Online ticketing (pay pal only)

  2. Event material source center

  3. Year long event calendar

  4. Forum

In the coming months we will be implementing the web store which will host our fancy swag that ARDKORE is famous for. As well as opening the web store for users to post their own items for sale.

All this is part of our vision to not only bring the best professionally organized events but as well as making it a pure community effort. Reg Faizal and the ARDKORE admin team. First of Many

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