The Walking Dead Escape Room


Created an experience design for the Walking Dead showcase that was held in Sunway Pyramid. We created and design 3 games where the players will need to escape each room was based on highlights of the previous 8 seasons of The Walking Dead.


Our task was not only to create the game but to also design and build the atmosphere to allow the players to feel like they are in the show, we create the visuals, audio tracks, and mechanics which included a sound meter that players need to take note off if they made too much sound the Zombies would be attracted to them 

Main Role - Art Direction, Sound design, Installation supervision, and collaterals and printing 

Warehouse Ambient - Faizal Azlan
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Forest Night - Faizal Azlan
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Sound design

While not part of the brief, during our testing stage we realized the location which was a mall will kill the ambience in each of the rooms, so we quickly got approval from the client and purchase audio clips which we stitched up in the office a day before the event