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We Are


Who the heck are we?

We are you, the gamers.

ARDKORE is a collective of non formal members taking initiative to create events that we want. in late 2017 I decided after watching how awesome LVO is wanted to recreate that kind of large scale wargaming event in this region. But realizing that our community is broken into smaller insular groups the inner committee decided that, ARDKORE will not be under one single store, or company - the ownership belongs to the people and with the people we will make or break it. With this idea we started approaching everyone from stores, individuals, to community leaders, to even the companies that own the IPs and thankfully most took on to our idea. 


But this also meant that our events need to be self funded and to start a plan to acquire and build relationships with not only stores but players themselves to make each event successful. For 2018 we manage to pull off importing 25 high end wargaming mats and source terrain to fit 30 tables on our first event as well as great support from our southern brothers. This and the people whom made that happen I will be eternally grateful to

We are also a non profit group (usually running at a small loss), while there is a company registered to Ardkore it was actually formed to ease a number of requirements for certain initiatives within the group like - getting an Ardkore current account, online transactions, sponsorships, venue negotiations and a few others things. 


At ARDKORE our core principle we try to achieve in all our projects is quality, kick ass rewards, and independence. And all wargaming systems are encourage to join and take part. Currently as we run a full volunteer group each event has its own head and is fully independent to each other.

Hopefully like our motto this will be the
"first of many". And who knows one day we will match or exceed those large scale wargaming events in the west. 

On behalf of the team, 


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